Hey! đź‘‹ We're the Freedom Hackers.

We help unconventional parents build freedom-based businesses that buy back their fun, family, and freedom in 5-10 hours a week. 🏖️

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Hey! đź‘‹

We're the Freedom Hackers.

We help unconventional parents build freedom-based businesses that buy back their fun, family, and freedom in 5-10 hours a week. 🏖️

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Are you throwing away precious time you'll never get back?

Most parents make a choice between providing for their families versus being present with them. They want to pursue an unconventional life but don't know where to start. We're living proof you can have both.

Our global community of out-of-the-box parents—freethinkers, homeschoolers, world-schoolers, unschoolers, RV families, the medically ostracised, gentle parents, conscious parents, cycle-breakers, biohackers, alternative health practitioners, homesteaders, preppers, and permaculture nerds—all have one thing in common.

They're building an online business to live a life outside the System. Becoming entrepreneurs to create time, location, financial, creative, family, and ultimately, personal freedom. Are you ready to claim the same? 

Learn how to build a business that provides for your family, and allows you to make the most of the 18 Summers you'll spend together. Join us to create a better, more peaceful life and be present with your family - for good.

I've built businesses from scratch before, with no consistent guidance and either winging it myself or scattered with many ways to do one thing. I am loving being a Freedom Hacker! The knowledge, training and weekly support is not only fantastic, it's necessary! We are building a biz, as we create our dream life, step by step with direction and guidance instead of throwing spaghetti at the wall. Having a like minded community of people means great conversations, masterminding and cheering each other on. What more could we ask for!?


Tara Yewdall

Maleny, Australia


I’m so grateful to have found such a supportive and well organized business model to give me the opportunity to carve a path to be fully present with my family as a first time mom. One of my biggest parenting goals is to homeschool our son and this opens the door for me to do that and financially contribute to our household.


Brii Wood

Oregon, USA


Aimee Q Devlin & Brendan Murphy

Aimee and Brendan are unconventional parents who spent a gruelling decade trying to find a business that would tick all the boxes they needed to be free.

After realising online business was the solution to the work-a-day world, they failed at many things: dropshipping, blogging, coaching, podcasting, Amazon affiliates, e-Commerce, low ticket multi-level marketing, and more.

They thought they may be destined to fail until realising the elephant in the room was this: Most businesses make us choose what type of freedom is most important for us. They offer location freedom, but little financial reward. Or pay well, but leave us no time. Or give us time freedom but bore us stupid.

But, one business model offers all of The Five Freedoms. It's made for unconventional, out-of-the-box humans who want to live epic lives outside the System. And inside this community, they'll mentor you in how to use it to finally break free.

I used to work as a self employed plasterer but I always knew it wasn't really what I align with. I found the Freedom Hackers just at the right time. The business model combined with the courses and community support is a true God send. It takes such a weight off your shoulders as you know exactly what to do and what to focus on, while we keep each other accountable. From a business-starting perspective, the initial investment is a joke compared to what I had to invest to start plastering so this really is a no-brainer for me. The fact that it's a health-promoting business truly is the icing on the cake.


Igor Wallaert



​​​​​​​From 9 To Thrive:
The Masterclass

Create a life of fun, family and freedom using the most leveraged online business model we've ever discovered.

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