If you value nothing more than freedom, you'll want to join


If you value  freedom, you'll want to join us for


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There has never been a more important time to get more money into the hands of conscious, influential people.

This is our mission.

Did you know? The last recession created massive wealth opportunities for people, and a bunch of millionaires.

While most people tightened their belts, some resourceful entrepreneurs went the other way and expanded their capacity to live freely and generously. 

Which group will you choose to be in from here forward?

We are building a powerful army of freethinking, self-aware, and financially abundant entrepreneurial rebels who ARE the change they want to see in the world.

If you value nothing more than freedom, you'll want to join us for this free, online event.

Is it time to truly define what's possible in your life and forge the way for others?

What if the revolution doesn't look the way you thought it did?

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Your Hosts

Brendan Murphy

As an "alternative" thinker and black sheep Brendan always found it challenging to monetise his work because he refused to be a drone inside the System. Author, podcast host, and creator of The Truthiversity, Brendan's purpose is to help free people to live on their terms, standing in the truth of who they are.

As a Freedom Hacker, Brendan helps people create freedom in these 3 key areas of life: Lifestyle and impact, Spirituality, and Health.

Aimee Q Devlin 

Aimee is a business and alignment coach, nature spirit, and mama of 1. She's a passionate advocate for claiming our freedom, living our dreams, and squeezing the juice out of the 18 Summers we have with our children. 

Aimee spent a gruelling 6 years scouring the world for the most efficient, fulfilling, and supportive business model that exists. A model that allows us to activate what she calls "The 5 Freedoms". In 2018, she finally found it - and this is what she and Brendan will share with you throughout this event. 

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