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How To Design An Extraordinary Life That Prioritises Fun, Family, and Freedom

Even If You're Uncertain About How To Bring It To Life

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  • Half-Day Virtual Workshop: With access to real-time interaction, support, and strategies ($297 value)
  • BONUS #1: Gain access to our exclusive Freedom Quest Community and connect with other unconventional parents to continue your lifestyle liberation journey¬†($197 value)
  • BONUS #2: The Freedom Business Checklist - easily evaluate popular business models and ideas¬†to score their freedom levels¬†($37 value)
  • BONUS #3:¬†Notion Templates¬†-¬†Access¬†digital versions of all the templates shared throughout the¬†event¬†($97 value)
  • BONUS #4: VIP Ticket Upgrade - which includes access to notes and a recorded video recap of the event.¬†($197 value)
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You CAN Create A Life You Love

Learn the keys to leveraged lifestyle design and use them to:
  • Create the time, space, and freedom to spend¬†your days how you want to.
  • Learn how to live outside the System with like-minded people who¬†share your dreams, vision,¬†and way of life.
  • Leave the rat race. Stop choosing between earning money or being¬†with your family and start enjoying yourselves.
  • Create¬†more adventure, spontaneity and creativity in¬†your life.
  • Break generational patterns of scarcity and limitation and raise healthy, whole children.

Yes, It Really Is Possible!

In Lifestyle Liberation Lab, you’ll learn how you can finally break free and build a life that works for you. Join us for this live event on:

July 19th 2024 at 5pm CST (Mexico City)


In The Next Six Months, You Could Create…

  • A¬†new reality
  • A¬†life where¬†you set your own rules
  • The freedom to prioritise¬†your family and personal life

When was the last time you sat down to dedicate time to designing your future? If you don't design it, it will become the default. In Lifestyle Liberation Lab, we’ll show you how to live how most people dream to.


Lifestyle Liberation Lab

Are You Ready To Move From A Life Of Default To A Life Of Design?

You may have a vision board on your wall with vague ideas of your dream future...but are you ready to bring it to life? It's time to move from hope to certainty. This workshop will teach you everything you need to know to snap out of monotony and live inspired. You’ll learn how to:

  • Move from a life of financial dependence to freedom
  • Design your life in alignment¬†with your goals and values
  • Keep your lifestyle, values, hobbies, and dreams at the forefront, rather than in the basement

By dedicating time to meet with others with the same desires, experiencing the same challenges, whilst completing our powerful exercises designed to shift your reality and mindset, you could start living the life of your dreams sooner rather than never.

What We'll Focus On Together...


We'll start by evaluating your current lifestyle and dreaming your desires into existence:
  • We'll¬†discover how you spend, value, and waste your time
  • We'll use simplicity to craft tangible, trackable goals and states to¬†upgrade your experience
  • We'll¬†identify how much money you need to bring your Design to life


The next step is to learn how to leverage your money, time, resources, and energy to make your ideal lifestyle a reality.
  • Learn how tools, systems and automation make your life easier
  • We'll show you how shifting your mindset from employee to entrepreneur can gain you time, freedom, and autonomy
  • We'll walk you through how to leverage your time and use it¬†to bring your dreams to life


Your legacy starts with living a life you never dreamed possible.
  • Hack your freedom with¬†vision, conviction, and presence
  • Learn how to be an inspiration for others to follow, including your children and theirs
  • Abandon¬†conformity and squeeze more juice out of the years you have left. It's never too late to stop existing and start living.

This Workshop Is For You If...

  • You feel controlled and captive in a life that feels like Groundhog Day.
  • You work too much and spend less time with your family than you desire
  • You want to bring more fun, freedom, and fulfilment into your reality
  • You aren‚Äôt sure how to align your dreams with your everyday experience‚ÄĒbut you're ready to find out how.

We're Aimee and Brendan ūüĎč

We're unconventional parents who spent a gruelling decade trying to find a business that would tick all the boxes we needed to be free.

As 'black sheep', we always knew we wanted to be present and raise our family outside the System, which meant we'd need to earn an independent income on our terms. Since 2018, we've done exactly that.

Now, we teach other parents how to upgrade their daily reality by creating a life of time, freedom, and autonomy through entrepreneurship.

Freedom Hackers are a global community of freethinking parents committed to designing lives that light them up, leverage their time, and leave a legacy for their children.

Inside this workshop, we'll give you a glimpse inside Freedom Quest, the lifestyle liberation model we'll use to help you get there.











Lifestyle Liberation Lab

July 19th 2024 at 5pm CST (Mexico)

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